‘CMYK corner’ and ‘RGB galaxy’ at Rossana Orlandi 2012

CMYK corner

During Salone del mobile in Milan I had two new lights. The RGB galaxy and the CMYK corner. This last lamp is derived from the CMYK lamp. Who was first exhibited during graduation show 2011 of the Design Academy Eindhoven.  For the CMYK corner I wanted to use as less material possible. I really had a urge to make it as tiny as possible with the same effect as the CMYK lamp.

For me it resulted in a better piece. The light became brighter . It’s a small light creature that can easily be hanged in tiny spots of your house.

It’s a Rapid prototyped lamp. I took the lamp in own production because with this technique I can make a wide variety of lamps.

The lamp is for sale for 790 euro incl VAT.

RGB galaxy

For a start I would like to thank the Galleria Rosanna Orlandi for giving me the opportunity todisplay my RGB Galaxy lamp at their magical exhibition space . It is a pleasure and privilege to be there.

When my previous creation, the CMYK Sculpture lamp, went on display at the Our Way Eindhoven Design Academy’s Graduation Show in October 2011 I was surprised to find the projection effect was more powerful than I had expected. It transformed a plain, somewhat unimaginative ceiling into a lively colourful spectacle to feast your eyes on. Working on this project produced a host of new ideas. One of these ideas has led to the design and creation of my new lamp, the RGB Galaxy.

The RGB Galaxy is a pendant lamp casting a constellation of red, green and blue stars on the ceiling. The colourful galaxy-like effect is created with the help of LED light technology with the LEDs emitting their light through tiny holes in the lamp shade.. Though the projection output is different, the RGB Galaxy like the CMYK Sculpture features the mysterious interaction between colour and light and  it is  just as mind-boggling.

A truly unique feature of this lamp is its ability to set the stars in motion. Gently rotate the shade  and you will find yourself  in a galaxy studded with brightly coloured, moving stars. It is an experience similar to what an astronaut feels travelling through space. But the RGB Galaxy also has a much more “down-to-earth” application. Where there is a colourful constellation up above, there is the white light of day down below enabling you to read a book or do whatever you may need light for. In short, the lamp manages to combine the aesthetic and the practical.


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