CMYK lamp at Dutch Design Awards

According to the selection committees of peers who assessed more than 650 projects for DDA, in 2012 the quality of the work is as high as ever. Apparently, even in these tough economic times and in spite of limited resources, Dutch designers are able to come up with the most interesting and surprising concepts. The aspiration is clearly visible in the designs of all 27 finalists.

The selection committee choose the CMYK lamp for its exciting interplay of lines that has an educational function with respect to the action of light. It is also a highly aesthetic object.

Divided into three main categories, the lamp was placed into the category ‘Autonomous Design‘,¬†27 designs in total will compete for the prizes. An international jury will decide who are going to carry off the awards. All winners will be announced at an official award ceremony on Sunday, October 21 during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. That same week, from October 20 through October 28, the work of all finalists will be exhibited together in a special exhibition.

Go to DDA website for more  information


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